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S.O.M.E. Owner, Artist & Producer

As the son of the music director for K-Rock (Howard Stern’s radio station) in New York, JP has known music was his calling from a young age. His musical influences span every rock band in the ‘90s and he’s been lucky enough to see most of them in concert too. Although JP purchased the LLC for S.O.M.E about three years ago when his hours of freestyling got more serious, he first saved up cash so he could jump back in school at The ex'Treme Institute by Nelly. While soaking in all of the material and honing his producing and engineering skills, he also met S.O.M.E. artist NaturalLee and S.O.M.E. audio engineer Big A, before graduating with Recording Engineering & Producing with Management in 2015. Despite the struggles that come with a new business venture, JP’s sights are set high and he sees a Grammy in S.O.M.E.’s future. When he’s not mixing beats, you can find JP eating pounds upon pounds of sushi, or beating someone at ping pong, beer pong or soccer.


S.O.M.E. Artist & Songwriter

NaturalLee has been steadily making his way to the top the past few years with a big personality and even bigger talent. He met S.O.M.E. owner, JP, while enrolled at The ex'Treme Institute by Nelly and graduated in 2016 with Entertainment & Media Business with Management. The S.O.M.E. artist and songwriter references a wide variety of musical influences, from hip hop and rock to the blues and classical pieces, and grew up around music as a member of his school choir and band. A proud father of two girls and two boys, and with a proud Chippewa and Sioux Indian heritage, NaturalLee is also a determined go-getter, self-proclaimed basketball champion and cancer survivor. People might be surprised to know he was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, although close friends wouldn’t be surprised to know he could survive on spaghetti (with meat) for the rest of his life. He’s not a fan of The Walking Dead but he is a fan of Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger - this isn’t open for debate, because NaturalLee has a way with words and you just won’t win.

Bigg Juke

S.O.M.E. Artist & Producer

Hailing from Atlanta where he earned his name, Bigg Juke has been continually building on his name in St. Louis for the past decade with his beats, rapping and writing. Back in 2005 he met Young Jeezy on Ocean Drive and was the only one brave enough to speak to him. He cites other musical influences as Bone Thugs, Crucial Conflict, The Notorious B.I.G., Scarface, OutKast and numerous others. Outside of the studio, Bigg Juke can be found eating his weight in pizza or channeling his inner Picasso - yes, this guy has mad drawing skills. He’s also a big dreamer, in more ways than one - if you see Bigg Juke around, ask him about his worst nightmare and you’ll have yourself a new favorite purple dragon tale.